COORDINATION: Adriana Bebiano and Rosa Monteiro



The PhD in Feminist Studies is a programme of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in partnership with the Centre for Social Studies.

The PhD in Feminist Studies has a strong interdisciplinary approach and aims at familiarizing students from different disciplinary areas with a broad number of issues and methodologies relevant for Feminist Studies/Women’s Studies/Gender Studies. The six curricular seminars focus on the present debates in the areas of the Humanities and Sociology.

The programme aims at preparing students for a world in which sexual hierarchization and misogyny prevail – even if not always in an obvious way – despite all the achievements of the last decades. It is therefore crucial to understand the normative discourses which create images of women, men and non-binary people, framing their behaviour and defining their social roles.

The analysis of empirical data on the plurality of individuals’ experiences is articulated with the conceptual tools required for advanced research.

The PhD Programme in Feminist Studies began in 2015/2016 and was accredited by Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES) in 2020 for a 6-year term. The Programme opens biannually, with a new edition every two years.


The course aims at providing advanced training in the scientific field of Feminist Studies to students coming from various fields. It intents that students:

- Acquire a critical awareness of the position of the subject on the process of producing knowledge, as well as on the underlying policy to its institutionalization;
- Gain awareness of the normative discourses that currently build, or built in the past, the images of women that defined their behaviour and define their roles;
- Acquire knowledge of empirical data and methods for the analysis of the plurality of women, men and non-binary people's experiences, including the elites and subaltern groups;
- Acquire conceptual and operational methods and tools that are essential for research and academic production within this research area at the doctorate level.

The course offers a stimulating environment in which debate between students is prioritised as a privileged form of learning. The seminars value interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies and make it possible to build a truly comprehensive curriculum in Feminist Theories.

Mariacristina Migliore, all but dissertation (Italy)

"The program was the best choice I made. Since the first semester, the exchange with the teachers and students was extremely enriching. I am constantly growing as a feminist researcher, student and activist, and I owe such progress to the welcoming and integrated learning environment that CES provides."

Marina Faria, all but dissertation (Brazil)