CES develops a wide range of scientific and cultural activities for broader audiences, seeking to disseminate the results of its research and to promote a scientific culture, actively committing to the construction of spaces for intercultural contact and dialogue between researchers and the community.

Bringing together experts, scholars, technicians and activists, CES offers a wide range of training initiatives. These are addressed to young researchers from CES Summer Schools, and to specialized professionals (e.g., legal and judicial professions) through UNIFOJ’s training activities, as well as to activists and leaders of movements through workshops organized by Popular University of Social Movements (UPMS). The different subject areas covered by the advanced training courses can be conducted using the traditional face-to-face method or the Centre’s e-learning platforms, which have been increasingly relevant in CES training offer.

Initiatives targeted at younger audiences stand out amongst CES outreach activities, striving to promote the dissemination and the debate around the knowledge produced in the institution, in the different areas of the Social Sciences and the Humanities. CES Goes to School initiative promotes that debate, stimulating its discussion in elementary and secondary schools. In collaboration with the agency Ciência Viva, secondary school students are invited to debate on our developed research by participating in internships carried out at the institution. These activities, among many others annually promoted, benefit from the cross interaction between the research carried out, doctoral programmes, publications and the dissemination and promotion activities of scientific culture, being, therefore, an excellent example of different knowledges sharing and integration.

In conclusion, CES benefits from a wide range of national and international networks and protocols which promote collaboration with other public and private institutions and agents, knowledge producers and scientific research outputs dissemination activities.